Friday, October 9, 2009

Pixel of Torek

Pixel was there and will alweys be with you Torek .

Sunday, October 4, 2009 | The Secret Diary Of Barack Obama | The Secret Diary Of Barack Obama 

nice imagination :)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

dunno whom to VOTE??

How precious is my vote ,I am really confused. every time I cast it, it's like dumping it.. any way someone has to get it. There is no political leader who won't snatch my bread n butter to feed himself. I used to be a fan on BJP once , not exactly BJP was Atal ji. I still admire Atal ji. frankly speaking it was not me , it was a seed of favoring Hindutva which was sown by the bullshit talks of elders of the society . As a child I tried to think the same way ,there was no other political party for my thoughts. God swear ,I never found that borrowed thinking fitting anywhere with me.. they were dumped as soon as i realized that they were absolutely wrong. So narrow are their thoughts, eg if u are eating with a guy of other religion they will think u are favoring his religion. And I have got nothing other than a loud laugh on this. No more comments.

all people are same, why the hell we treat them differently on the besis of religion. I had spent quite a fair amount of time away from home in hostel, before turning fifteen. Religion never found a place in our discussions as well as in thoughts. We were brothers to each other we are . Used to share same plates. But if u tell ur elders that u had meal in same plate with some guy and if they figure out that he follows some other religion. u are screwed. U will get a big lecture. He's fm different community ,,, blah blah. Our elders and the acts of political parties change a innocent child to person dipped in religious hatred.

In India people are highly emotional with their religion and region.Unfortunately the political parties which are growing like mushrooms leverage these sentiments to get into power. I don't agree with the saying that British were best at divide and rule.British divided others..but Indians divide their own. now u say who is better at it.

Recent example from Maharashtra, India, where people who had came from other parts of country and had put efforts for generations to bring so called financial capital status to Mumbai were crushed. Only because they are not native to that place. And who started this... Mr Raj Thakre. if I would have done the same act, Indian police as well as public would have doomed me. but why that guy is still on the helms.simple answer he is a politician, celebrity. U cannot treat him like that.That guy and his party has blown the highly unconstitutional trumpet in their election manifest that they will check the migration to Maharshtra.And BJP has also joined hands with them, they will contest this election in coalition. claps to them and claps to Voters if they get a single vote other than their own.I know people will go and vote them .. because we Indians are assholes.We are single minded to warm our pocket. We don't care even if someone else will die of that.Yes it is the fact admit it. I also used to do it.Actually these leaders divide us and lure us by false commitments and they go to any extent to gain power.

IMO this guy and his party should be canned and tortured in public,,But u won't do it ..that will be unconstitutional. See how much we care 'bout law when we are involved. they break the laws and the ruling party in the state watches all this for their benefit. They want it to shoot high so that they will automatically be good guys when other turns bad in eyes of people . All are same . dunno whom to vote??... yup i started with the same line.